Antique Oak Shaving Brush with ‘Silksmoke’ Fibre Bristles


Introducing our own Antique Oak shaving brush with ‘Silksmoke’ fibre bristles. The handles are upcycled from antique oak staircase spindles which we have stripped, sanded and oiled. The sythetic bristles are incredibly soft but have an excellent ‘backbone’ more akin to a badger hair brush but without the animal cruelty. Combine this with one of our safety razors, a shaving bowl and some double edged razor blades.

Delivery: 2-3 Days (Mainland UK)



The oak we use for these brushes is reclaimed from antique staircase spindles. We sand the surface, seal with oil and polish to a silky finish.

The incredibly soft synthetic ‘Silksmoke’ fibre bristles have an excellent backbone and produce a dense, creamy lather. No badgers were bothered in the making of this brush.

Limited Edition

  • STROPT Antique Oak Shaving Brush
  • ‘Silksmoke’ synthetic bristles
  • Knot size 24mm
  • Handles made from reclaimed oak staircase spindles.
  • Handmade in UK
  • Packaged in cardboard tube with wooden end plugs
  • Overall length: 100mm
  • Handle length: 40mm
  • Handle width: 40mm
  • Weight: 100g

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Antique Oak Shaving Brush with ‘Silksmoke’ Fibre Bristles

Antique Oak Shaving Brush with 'Silksmoke' Fibre Bristles