The soaps we sell come from two renowned British makers – Mitchell’s and D. R. Harris and are available as a dish/bowl and soap combination or just soap on its own. We also sell our own UK craftsman turned shaving bowls in Salvaged Teak and Ebonised Sapelle loaded with a Mitchell’s Wool Fat Soap.

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  • Mitchells Wool Fat Ceramic Dish with Soap

    Mitchell’s Shaving soap is made with natural lanolin and creates a luxuriant and conditioning lather for perfect shaving results. This gentle soap is suitable for sensitive skin and comes complete with an attractive ceramic shaving bowl.

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  • STROPT Ebonised Sapelle Shaving Bowl with Soap

    Contemporary ebonised shaving bowl with lid, supplied with a Mitchells Wool Fat shaving soap ready to go. These bowls are turned by a British master craftsman, sanded and ebonised. Sapelle is an African Hardwood known for its durability and strength.

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  • STROPT Salvaged Teak Shaving Bowl with Soap

    Stunning UK craftsman turned salvaged teak shaving bowl with lid, supplied with a Mitchells Wool Fat shaving soap ready to go. Slightly bigger and heavier than both the Mitchell’s and D.R. Harris shaving dishes and somewhat heavier yet still perfectly cups in the hand. Teak is known as the ‘King of Woods’ due to its density, beautiful grain and resistance to moisture.

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  • D. R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap in Beech Bowl

    Founded in 1790, D. R. Harris have been specialising in the creation of traditional gentlemen’s grooming products in London ever since. The D. R. Harris Beechwood Shaving Bowl & Marlborough Soap 100g is a fine quality shaving soap, displayed in an attractive hand turned wooden bowl. This solid white soap has been triple-milled to achieve…

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  • Tabac Shaving Soap in Ceramic Bowl

    Tabac Shaving Soap in Ceramic Bowl with Fitted Lid Tabac Original Shaving Soap is a tallow based shaving soap from Mäurer & Wirtz and comes ready to lather in a convenient ceramic jar with a fitted lid. The soap has a sharp and floral scent with notes of lavender, citrus…

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  • Mitchells Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill

    The Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap with natural lanolin formula is the perfect choice for those with normal or sensitive skin types. First created in 1893 by Chemist Fred Mitchell, the brand continues as a family owned business with manufacturing and production in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. This refill is designed to fit the Mitchell’s ceramic shaving bowl, which does make a wonderful gentleman’s shaving gift.

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  • Tabac Shaving Soap Refill

    125gram tallow based shaving soap refil from Mäurer & Wirtz

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  • D. R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap Refill

    Marlborough Shaving Soap Refill is a solid white shaving soap of the finest quality. Triple-milled to increase the richness and luxuriousness of the lather. This gentle soap has been fragranced with Marlborough, a blend of Cedar and Sandalwood with notes of spice. Incredibly economical, each soap will last for several…

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  • Osma Alum Block 75g

    75g Block in Box

    Soothes shaving irritation:- use as both an astringent to stop bleeding, and to soothe irritation post shave.

    Wet the alum block and slowly pass it on the face after shaving.

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