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Bamboo Stropt

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The STROPT Razor Honing Pad can extend the life of cartridge and disposable razors by three to five times. This saves you money, reduces unnecessary plastic waste and helps you to enjoy a smoother shave for much, much longer.

These strops are handmade in the UK from natural vegetable tanned leather on a Bamboo base. Also available in sustainable Iroko and Reclaimed Teak.

To use, simply wet pad and push the the razor upwards a few times (reverse shaving action) to clean and hone the blades. It really is that easy!

Just £9.95 including free shipping.



• Thick leather strop for cleaning and sharpening all types of cartridge and disposable razors.
Dramatically extends the working life of handheld razors by 3-5 times, saving you money.
 It is estimated that 2 billion razors are discarded every year in the US alone! You can help reduce the global waste of plastic by extending the life of yours.

Natural vegetable tanned leather strop
3-3.5mm thick premium cowhide processed using only the naturally occurring tanins found in oak bark and vegetable matter. The natural oils in the leather mean that no additional honing compounds are necessary.

Bamboo base
Although strictly speaking a grass, Bamboo is a hard, durable, fast-growing and sustainable crop.

Lightweight and portable
Weighing less than 100 grams and measuring 100x44x12mm (max) it can easily slip into a washbag.

Fantastic gift
Useful, made with the best materials and designed to last – what’s not to love?

100% Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with this amazing little product within 30 days we will give you all of your money back. No question.

Handmade in the UK
Yes, we still make things here in the UK. Please support us!

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 44 × 12 cm

8 reviews for Bamboo Stropt

  1. Christian Wach

    Wow, Stropt is brilliant – I now regret throwing away all those “disposable” razors as I’d now have a lifetime’s supply!

  2. Peter Morton

    I received my Stropt as a present three months ago. It is a beautifully designed and attractive product which is very light and simple to use and has prolonged the life of my blades by a factor of five.
    It pays for itself in a few weeks and is an environmental asset. A must for all wet shavers. My recommendation is, don’t hesitate, get one.

  3. Sophie Love

    Bought this for hubby for Christmas and he LOVES it and so do I! It extends the life of the blades and is making me more conscious about taking care of my razor, which means less landfill and smoother legs and underarms!

  4. Ged McCarthy

    Received my Stropt as a present and love it, haven’t had to swap my razor head since using the Stropt, takes no time at all to use but add’s so much life to your blades.
    This is such a great product not only the environment but for your wallet

  5. Alex Larby

    My wife got me a Stropt as a gift before we went overseas. It has maintained the sharpness of my blade for months now. It’s a really neat little product, sustainably made and the result is fewer blades going to landfill, plus it’s saved me money on replacement blades. I’d recommend this product to anyone.

  6. Rob Wilkinson

    Bought 3 from you off Petersfield market, gave 2 as Christmas presents.
    All 3 of us agree we’ve saved some money and a fair bit of hard plastic waste from going to landfill. I guess I’ll want a few more for Christmas presents this year. Hope you’ll have plenty of stock.

  7. Michael Laffey (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of these when you had a stall at Chichester. Now buying for someone. Love it!

  8. Caerleon_Ian

    Bought two of these when you were in Newport last Christmas, best £20 I spent over the festive season

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