Our own range of strops handmade in the UK from premium cuts of vegetable tanned leather bonded to sustainably sourced wooden bases.

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  • Razor Honing PadRazor Honing Pad

    “My Dad bought me one of these last Christmas and it’s saved me a small fortune. I shave 3/4 times a week with a Gillette Fusion razor and the cartridges are not cheap. However, using the strop has extended the life of each blade substantially. In fact, one blade lasted so long the casing fell to bits before it even went blunt! So, thanks to Dad and Stropt I’m saving money……and the planet!!” Raymond Hannam

    These small traditional leather strops sharpen disposable and cartridge razors making them last five times longer. They ensure a more comfortable shave and help you save money on expensive blades while reducing unnecessary plastic waste. They work equally well with DE safety razors and can also be used as a handy pocket strop to keep small knives, craft knives, scissors and chisels sharp!

    Handmade in UK from thick vegetable tanned leather bonded to a sustainably sourced wood base – available in a choice of BAMBOO (£9.95), IROKO (£11.95) or RECLAIMED TEAK (£13.95)


  • Bushcraft Strop

    Lightweight camping & bushcraft strop designing for pocket knives, bushcraft knives and hunting knives. Thick vegetable tanned leather on a 4mm iroko base supplied with a leather thong.

  • Bench StropBench Strop

    Double sided bench strop for anyone wanting to maintain and finish the edge on their bladed tools. Thick vegetable tanned leather on both sides giving a rough and smooth side. The rough nap side is used for loading with a polishing compond. Iroko core.

  • Paddle Strop

    Large hand held Paddle Strop for stropping all kinds of blades from straight razors to pocket knives through kitchen knives to chisels and gouges. The size of the paddle make it particularly suitable for larger blades. The base of the paddle is made out of reclaimed teak salvaged from the…