Boker The Celebrated Wenge


Beautifully made Wenge staright razor with square point by Boker of Solingen. Also known colloquially as a ‘cut throat’ or ‘open’ razor, these require practice and care to master and need to be regularly stropped in order to maintain the razor sharpness on the blade. Ideal paring with one of our Belt Strops or Paddle Strops

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In the Boker US product catalog of 1906, particularly high-quality models were already named The Celebrated. The handles shows the extraordinary contrasting pattern of certifed imported Wenge, an African fine wood, which gives each piece a unique and individual appearance. The 6/8″ blade of carbon steel has a combination square and faceted round point as well as a straight spine, which gives the blade a harmonious appearance. The blade is ground extra hollow with ridge. Comes with a certificate of authenticity and historic packaging.

  • Square Point
  • Carbon Steel
  • Blade Width: 6/8″
  • Grind: Full Hollow
  • Scales Material: Wenge


It’s illegal to sell knives of any kind to anyone under 18 years old.
We will request ID (passport or driving licence) to verify the age of the purchaser following purchase and the item will be delivered using the Parcelforce Age Verification Delivery Service


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Boker The Celebrated Wenge

Boker The Celebrated Wenge