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These small traditional leather strops sharpen disposable and cartridge razors making them last five times longer. They ensure a more comfortable shave and help you save money on expensive blades while reducing unnecessary plastic waste. They work equally well with DE safety razors and can also be used as a handy pocket strop to keep small knives, craft knives, scissors and chisels sharp!

Handmade in UK from thick vegetable tanned leather bonded to a sustainably sourced wood base – available in a choice of BAMBOO (£9.95), IROKO (£11.95) or RECLAIMED TEAK (£13.95)


Delivery: 2-3 Days (Mainland UK)

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Our Razor Honing Pads are handmade in the UK from vegetable tanned leather on a choice of three sustainably sourced wooden bases – BAMBOO,  FSC IROKO and RECLAIMED TEAK. The prices reflect the overall difference in raw material, wastage and processing costs. BAMBOO is supplied to us laminated from strips of Moso Bamboo, our IROKO is an African hardwood which only comes from Forest Stewardship Council approved managed forests and RECLAIMED TEAK is Teak (the King of Woods) from South East Asia which has been reclaimed and repurposed by us.

To use, simply wet the leather and push your razor firmly upwards five or six times times to clean and maintain the blades. The leather softens when wet ensuring the razor can really bed in and there is close contact between the leather and the tips of the blades. This cleans, realigns and sharpens the blades. It’s a simple but time-honoured solution to a very modern problem.

  • Thick vegetable tanned leather strop
  • Wood base – available in choice of BAMBOO, FSC IROKO or RECLAIMED TEAK
  • Handmade in UK
  • Packaged in recycled Kraft sleeve
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You only pay the return postage.
  • Length: 100mm
  • Width: 40mm
  • Depth: 12mm
  • Weight: 40g

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 12 mm


19 reviews for Razor Honing Pad

  1. Dean Whitby

    A very good buy indeed. Using a Stropt keeps your blades feeling extremely smooth and extends their life saving you money. So, less waste, less cost, it’s a no brainer.
    Dean Whitby

  2. Peter Morton

    I received my Stropt as a present three months ago. It is a beautifully designed and attractive product which is very light and simple to use and has prolonged the life of my blades by a factor of five.
    It pays for itself in a few weeks and is an environmental asset. A must for all wet shavers. My recommendation is, don’t hesitate, get one.
    Peter Morton

  3. Ian Caerloan

    Bought two of these when you were in Newport last Christmas, best £20 I spent over the festive season
    Ian Caerloan

  4. Michael Laffey

    I bought 2 of these when you had a stall at Chichester. Now buying for someone. Love it!
    Michael Laffey

  5. Rob Wilkinson

    Bought 3 from you off Petersfield market, gave 2 as Christmas presents.
    All 3 of us agree we’ve saved some money and a fair bit of hard plastic waste from going to landfill. I guess I’ll want a few more for Christmas presents this year. Hope you’ll have plenty of stock.
    Rob Wilkinson

  6. Alex Larby

    My wife got me a Stropt as a gift before we went overseas. It has maintained the sharpness of my blade for months now. It’s a really neat little product, sustainably made and the result is fewer blades going to landfill, plus it’s saved me money on replacement blades. I’d recommend this product to anyone.
    Alex Larby

  7. Patrick Dinmore

    I received one of these from my wife at Christmas. I am tight so resent spending £££ on disposables, I also don’t like seeing complex bits of engineering (Gillette Mach 3 blades) put into a landfill grave before their time. I have used Stropt once and it worked very well bringing a blade that was about 20 shaves old, and about to be be binned, back to life to what I would describe as 3 shave old condition. I look forward to using this over the next year and evaluating further. I can’t imagine that Mr Gillette will be too pleased about this if it really takes off
    Patrick Dinmore

  8. Ian Blanken

    Does what it says on the tin, prolongs the life of your wet shave razors
    Ian Blanken

  9. Christian Wach

    Wow, Stropt is brilliant – I now regret throwing away all those “disposable” razors as I’d now have a lifetime’s supply!
    Christian Wach

  10. Sophie Love

    Bought this for hubby for Christmas and he LOVES it and so do I! It extends the life of the blades and is making me more conscious about taking care of my razor, which means less landfill and smoother legs and underarms!
    Sophie Love

  11. Ged McCarthy

    Received my Stropt as a present and love it, haven’t had to swap my razor head since using the Stropt, takes no time at all to use but add’s so much life to your blades.
    This is such a great product not only the environment but for your wallet
    Ged McCarthy

  12. Susannah Douche

    Just bought my first sharpener and very pleased with the result. Less waste, more recycling and supporting a small, local business too ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
    Susannah Douche

  13. David Crosby

    David Crosby
    November 16, 2020

    Love this product! My razors used to last less than a week but now stay sharp for well over a month.
    David Crosby

  14. Simon Bruce Taylor

    I use one of these, my gillette proglide blades last 2 months now, shaving 3 times a week!
    Simon Bruce Taylor

  15. Terry Taylor

    Bit sceptical at first. Don’t always believe reviews. But get one. Used mine today, just like a new blade on a 3 week old blade.

  16. Mike Mcguire

    “I bought a razor sharpener at a Christmas market in Dec.2019.Amazingly I used the same blades,Gillette Fusion,from then right through to the end of June 2020 ! I can’t speak too highly of your product.I even bought both my sons one. Many thanks.” Mike Mcguire 

  17. Raymond Hannam

    My Dad bought me one of these last Christmas and it’s saved me a small fortune. I shave 3/4 times a week with a Gillette Fusion razor and the cartridges are not cheap.
    However, using the strop has extended the life of each blade substantially. In fact, one blade lasted so long the casing fell to bits before it even went blunt!
    So, thanks to Dad and Stropt I’m saving money……and the planet!!

  18. Richard Hannam

    Once in a blue moon, you come across a special business. Stropt is one of those. Founded on their innovative strop, they’re growing into a shaving solutions company.
    I’ve used an electric shaver for years & first came across Stropt last year. So I bought a strop for my son who’s a wet shaver using those very expensive cartridge blades. A year on and he tells me he’s saved a small fortune on replacement blades. In one case the blade lasted so long the cartridge case fell to bits!
    An email from Stropt recently made me think about wet shaving again. So, I contacted the business and the professional, helpful and friendly owner phoned me back within minutes.
    As a result of the chat, I bought a high quality Merkur safety razor, the famous strop and some blades. Since then, I’ve enjoyed some great shaves – much closer than my electric razor. The Merkur is also adjustable across 5 settings which means you can find the perfect shave shave as well as using in other areas than your face.
    The strop is made from sustainable materials and reduces the amount of plastic in the environment by making cartridge blades last several times longer. At around £10 depending on the wood chosen, it’ll pay for itself in no time.
    So, to summarise, Stropt is a business that has great products, an excellent website, first class pre and post sales advice and fast delivery.
    Whether you’re new to shaving, or not, their products will save you money and help save the planet along the way!

  19. Zoe McMaster

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for the upgrade, the pad is beautiful and works really well. It’s easier to use and looks so much better than a silicon blade saver I had before.

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Razor Honing Pad

Razor Honing Pad

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