Est. 2018


From a background working with wood and using leather strops to maintain the sharpness of our chisels, we discovered that with the application of water, vegetable tanned leather was really effective at cleaning, realigning and honing the blades on modern disposable razors. We found this saved a small fortune on expensive replacement blades and made shaving a much smoother and more pleasurable experience.

Armed with this information, we developed a small handheld strop in 2018, called it the ‘Razor Honing Pad‘ and sold thousands of units in 2019 through our own website, independent retailers and great markets such as Covent Garden, Wells, The Frome Independent, Bath Artisan and the excellent Winchester Christmas Market – acknowledged as one of the finest Christmas Markets in Europe!

This year, we have expanded our range to include strops for straight razors, carpentry, camping, bushcraft and even kitchen knives. We have also added a small range of associated shaving products, some of which we make ourselves and others which are bought in from renowned makers both home and abroad. We will be expanding this range over time as we discover and develop new amazing products.

So, if you use a modern razor and love how it works but hate how quickly it needs new expensive blades, consider one of our Razor Honing Pads. If you want to continue wet shaving but wish to return to a more traditional way of doing things with zero plastic waste, consider one of our excellent safety razors from Merkur in Germany with some Double Edged razor blades. We have great shaving soaps from Mitchells and D R Harris and superb shaving brushes from Muhle. If you use a straight razor, work with chisels, planes or knives then consider one of our other strops. All handmade in the UK!

Our Core Values



We only use natural, sustainably sourced or reclaimed materials for our strops


Traditional Shaving

Promoting a more natural, traditional approach to shaving with less plastic waste


Cleaner. Sharper Blades

Keeping your knives, chisels and razor blades performing at their very best