Merkur 34C Safety Razor


The Merkur 34C is one of the most popular Merkur razors for any gender. This razor features a standard Merkur head, great for shaving faces, legs, underarms and everything else. The machined handle provides excellent grip whether you’re shaving in front of the mirror or in the shower and its shortness is ideal for tricky areas like the underside of a beard or delicate areas. Pair with one of Razor Honing Pads to extend the life of your blades!

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Merkur makes some of the world’s best safety razors, and is recognized as one of the top modern brands. Their parent company Dovo is well known as a top manufacturer of traditional straight razors and scissors and both brands are manufactured in Solingen Germany.

  • Works with any standard Double-Edged razor blade.
  • Chrome plating protects the core metal from corrosion.
  • Features a short screw, 3 piece safety razor
  • Easy to clean
  • Packaging a carton box
  • Length 80mm
  • Weight: 80grams

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Merkur 34C Safety Razor

Merkur 34C Safety Razor